Tutoring the wrestler… Park Trwo Tutoring the Wrestler… part 2… (things are heating up) He had a lusty grin on his face and he pulled Alex to him in a wild kiss, thrusting his tongue into the startled boys mouth and all but crushing him in a bear hug. He could feel Alex trembling in his arms, yet the boy suddenly wrapped his arms around his neck and sank into the kiss like a puppy that sinks into a lap drifting off to sleep. Without thought Mike felt his hands run down Alex’s muscular back and over the very plump round cheeks hidden beneath the sweat shorts. Alex fought to control his thoughts and the raging desires running through him life wild fire. He wanted to pull back but his body seemed to have a mind of its own. He felt himself not only plaster himself against the hot wrestler who’s hands were driving him over the edge, but he was actually grinding himself into Mike. Just then Mike pulled back and held him by the shoulders. “Have you ever……..,” Mike couldn’t seem to form a rational sentence as he looked at Alex’s desire filled puppy dog eyes. As much as he wanted to ravage the boy, he instinctively knew the boy had never been with a man before. “Yeah,” Alex said sheepishly. “I’ve been with a few guys.” He lied without flinching because at that moment he would do anything to have Mike’s powerful arms back around him. He bit his lip and took a tentative step towards the jock. “Not like this,” Mike said taking a deep breath. When Alex’s hand slowly reached out and cupped his chest muscles he pulled the boy back into a kiss. Slow he repeated to himself over and over in his mind. Mike realized that he had never been with someone where he put himself and his pleasure second to the feelings of who he was with. He was usually very selfish about his wants, and he was a guy who always got what he wanted. Having Alex in his arms felt better than any other sexual experience he’d had before. The shy, tentative way that he met Mike’s passion had him going insane. He wanted to tear off the cloth between his hands and the flesh he desperately wanted to feel and taste yet holding back felt like nothing he’d ever experienced. Just then he heard Eric call from the living room for his beer. Saved by the bellowing brute he thought as he eased Alex back and grinned at him. “I’ll be right back,” the pumped up wrestler whispered. “Don’t move!” It was a sexy command. Alex took a deep breath and sunk down to the bed. His head was spinning with desire for the jock, thoughts he never really allowed himself to entertain before racing through his head. He’d admitted to himself about a year before that it was men he was sexually attracted to, however he never drummed up enough courage to act on those deep seeded desires. In this room, in Mikes arms he didn’t think he had a choice and if he really admitted the truth he didn’t want one. Mike stalked down the hall, beer in hand but Alex in mind. He wanted the boy like no one he had before. The fact that Alex was innocent and “un touched” was so sexy, but at the same time cute. “Cute,” Mike thought to himself is something he always dismissed before in favor of hot sweaty man on man play. Not today, today he wanted it all. He tossed the beer to Eric who was engrossed in the football game on the television in the rec room. Then he turned and headed back to the boy waiting for him in his room. “Miss me?” He asked as he slid down on the bed next to Alex. Alex didn’t say a word. He reached out and pulled Mike against him in a passionate kiss. Desire won out over fear and shy-ness. Mike was a walking fantasy and if this was a dream he wasn’t going to wake up until he had played out all the things he’d fantasized about all those lonely nights in his bed, hand and magazine his only stimuli. “God you’re an amazing kisser,” Mike said pulling back. He wanted to push forward and rip the clothes off Alex, but he controlled himself. “There is more where that came from.” Alex replied, feeling bolstered by the desire he heard in Mike’s voice. “I want you so bad.”

Tutoring the wrestlers… Part one

Tutoring the Wrestlers…… part1

Alex was just finished packing for spring break when the phone jarred him out of a deep fantasy involving scantily clad bodies on the beach he’d be on in just a few short hours. He was a twenty year old freshman who had worked hard to get into the very expensive school, and he’d worked even harder to earn a reputation for scholastic excellence. An emergency had come up and the head of the English department was asking him for another favor. Could Alex tutor a couple of wrestlers that were in serious danger of failing their English exams. A weekend alone with a couple of dumb jocks was not at all what he wanted, however he did owe the department head for getting him a cushy work study job. “Of course I can help out, sir.” he answered rather reluctantly. “Who is it?” “Mike Gray and Eric Baker.” Alex nearly dropped the phone as his body began to tremble. He knew Mike and Eric and their reputation for being party animals. Their exploits were regaled across campus like celebrity gossip on the entertainment channel. It was rumored that they had barely escaped being tossed out a few times and if they weren’t the schools top 2 wrestlers they would have been long gone. He really needed the job so he decided to suck it in and do the favor for the head of the English Dept. Two hours later he walked up the flagstone path to the front door of the TKE dorm. He had to pound on the door a few times to be heard over a loud television throwing out football stats and scores inside. When the door opened Alex almost swallowed his tongue. Mike was wearing shorts and a red baseball cap turned backwards and nothing else. His chiseled body marred by only a thin line of hair that disappeared into those silky looking black shorts. His crystal blue eyes were mesmerizing under the dark black eyebrows standing up in silent question. The bulge in his shorts also left little to the imagination. “You Alex?” Mike asked. Alex nodded. Mike grabbed his hand in an very enthusiastic and very tight handshake. He seemed very friendly but there was a twinkle behind his eyes that had Alex questioning the choice to study in the dorm. It was the look of a starved animal about to pounce on fresh kill. Alex took a deep breath and reassured himself that he could handle this situation. He was just over six feet himself and had been taking extensive advantage of the gym in his dorm. He was never a sports guy, however he had always been lean and now with the daily workouts his lean body was developing nicely. Mike was excited by the guy on the other side of the door. The stud in a tee shirt and sweat shorts was tall, lean and had just a touch of muscle bulging under his shirt. He looked Alex up and down and invited him back to the rec room at the back of the house. “Lemme introduce you to Eric.” He said as they walked into a room with another finely formed god sitting on the couch. Eric was tall also with light brown hair and a face to die for. He was sprawled on the couch with one very muscled leg hanging off the arm. His leg was covered in light brown hair. He was clad in only boxer briefs and had a beer suggestively leaning between his stretched open leggs. Alex stared at the jock’s 200 pound muscular body and gulped. These two were like guys out of the few magazines he had tucked between his mattress and box spring. How would he ever be able to concentrate. When Eric looked up another leering grin was flashed Alex’s way. Oh boy he was in trouble! Eric slowly lifted the can of beer, drained it and threw it across the coffee table in front of the couch. “So you’re the guy they sent to teach us some propa English.” He drawled out in a slightly southern accent. “Yes,” Alex answered with a hitch in his voice. “If there is anything I can do for you just let me know.” “Well isn’t he an eager beaver.” Mike said from behind Alex. Eric stood up and brushed his hand across his tight underwear. “I can think of a few things.” He sneered. Mike walked over and smacked Eric across the back of his head. “Don’t be an asshole, Dude.” He grabbed Eric and shoved him back to the couch. “Sorry about Eric,” Mike flashed a killer grin towards Alex. “Feeding time at the zoo has been scarce recently.” He put his arm around Alex and led him to a table in the back of the room. Alex’s body broke out in gooseflesh and he was tingling from head to toe. This was a fantasy come true and a nightmare all in one. “If Eric gets out of line,” the sexy stud said still grinning at Alex. “I’ll take care of ya.” “I’ll just set up here and you can let me know when your ready to start.” “Sure, I just gotta finish a set of arm curls.” He couldn’t keep his eyes off mike who had grabbed a set of barbells and was doing arm curls in front of a full length mirror. The fine sheen of sweat on the jocks arms and chest was making him dizzy. Mike was keeping an eye on Alex too. When their eyes met in the mirror Mike felt a wave of desire course through his body and a surge of lust in his groin. The kid was hot and he didn’t even know it. That made Mike want to touch and taste him even more. He dropped his barbells and walked slowly over to Alex. “We really appreciate you helping us out like this.” His husky voice sending shivers up and down Alex’s body. Just then Eric yelled over to Mike for another beer. “Do me a favor, Alex. My rooms the last one on the right, can you grab a few beers for us?” Alex was hard as a rock by this point and was grateful for the distraction. He walked down to the room and found the door already open. The room was a pig sty. It smelled of sweat and of some foresty cologne. There were crumpled beer cans in and out of a garbage can across the room and clothes thrown all over the floor. The arousing odor of musk had him breathing heavily all over again. He saw the mini-fridge under the window and was about to reach for a few beers when he felt two big hands on his shoulders. He spun around to see who grabbed him and was face to face with Mike. He had a lusty grin on his face and he pulled Alex to him in a wild kiss, thrusting his tongue into the startled boys mouth and all but crushing him in a bear hug.

Take care of the Pemmies….

Take care of the Pennies….

My grandmother used to tell us that we should.. TAKE CARE OF THE PENNIES AND THE DOLLARS WILL TAKE CARE OF THENSELVES!

Simple advice right…. It is a simple concept in its stating however, is it really that easy to live….

There are a lot of those old sayings that with a little thought and practice can mean so much The concept really means to pay attention and be present in the day to day, the small thins and.details. To make a concious effort to know that if I allow myself to get lost int the big picture I have already lost the goal and subsequentially the big picture itself.

But is that all it means? No…..

there is a deeper meaning that elluded me for a long time. If I pay a great deal of attention to the pennies in my life then by default the Benjamin’s are already in the line of care.

So…. as I sit and reflect on the paths my life has taken so far and the paths ahead of me I realize tat the words my Nanny spoke so long ago are not only a mantra to live by but a adaption of behavior that will help me to focus and sharpen my approach in my pursuit of the goals I am reaching for now and in the future.

Is that all it means…?

I think in the harsh and harried world we live in right now it also has another and maybe even deeper meaning. How about applying it to the people in our lives? Taking care to notice the small things about the people in our lives can help to avoid trauma and breakdowns. Taking the time to catch up…. to reach out just to extend a kind word or smile might just be the buffer between harsh and horror!!

Words to live by are meaningless without the conviction to apply them….AND to pay then FOWARD!!!

Religion… As a bottle of wine

Religion as a bottle of wine…..

It occcurs to me that religion in the sometimes ghastly world we live in can be likened to bottles of wine. There are the fine bubbled bhampagnes where the views are uplifting with as close to a purity in vongretation and unity as possible


Alas there are way too many ROT GUT BLENDS that are abused,,,, over indulged and sometimes used as a weapon/

Austin/DEEE… Part two

Austin….. part 2

Sitting at his desk the morning after his meeting with the landscaper Austin tried hard to keep focused on the marketing reports he was supposed to be reading and critique-ing. There since seven am he should have gotten at least double the work done but the lingering questions and yes, disappointment over Dek-us-interrupt-us had his normally razor sharp focus scattered. ‘No, no more thoughts of that jerk!’ He reprimanded himself and picked up the report again. It worked, for almost ten minutes as he read, made notes and decided his eager new hire was worth every penny. Kelly McMann was only five months post grad from one of the upper eschelon ivy-league schools but she was well equipped to help him take his fledgling app-ware company to the next level. ‘At least my people reading skills are still on point in business,’ he sighed thinking of Deke again. How could he just have run out like that? Was a quick hot bang really all he wanted from him? Well a bang and a job! Standing up in frustration Austin nearly knocked his tablet off the desk, ‘fuck him’ Austin rushed through his door headed toward the coffee cart needing his mid-morning jolt.

He couldnt ‘t go back into the office, not just yet, so he headed out to the little park area in front of the building. He sipped and he thought, reviewing the guys that had been through his life the last few years. There was Peter, the charming son of a powerful CEO who although he could buy and sell most of the worlnhd wanted to be a kept boy. Kept in credit cards and drugs. It took way too long for him to realize the addictions, and it cost way too much to rid himself of the boy. Cost his wallet almost as much as his heart, although he did re-coup most of the dollar losses after a informative conversation with Peter Sr. His heart took a while longer to mend.

A squirrel sauntered over looking for a snack drawing a reluctant smile from Austin, who held his empty hands out to the critter. He could never resist a cuddly critter, in fact that was his secret nickname for Davey. ‘Ah Davey,’ his blue collar older guy, fling. Tall, hairy, muscled and slick, he was almost obsessed with the older plumber. Big snake in all the obvious ways and a few not-so-obvious ones. He spoke with a serpent tongue and walked with a cobra in his pants, the problem was that deadly snake already had a mate and two children.

Then there was Steven, golden boy of college and his first and really only true love. Steven was a football scholarship student who had grabbed his heart one night after a rather wild party. Austin had drank way too much, way too quickly but having separated landscaper from his friends early on found himself sick and alone. He’d noticed Steve several times that night, always with a gaggle of pretty girls competing for his attentions. Steve swore later that he tried a few times that night to talk to him and for a long time Austin believed it. So when Austin puked, tripped and otherwise embarrassed himself enough he stumbled out of the frat house intending to walk the ‘drunk’ off on his way back to his dorm. Fate and an icy stairway had other plans for him and after a quick fall he still to this day couldnt ‘t recall, Steve got to play hero. He carried Austin across campus when they had determined that he had probably broken his ankle. They were in love before the pain killers took effect and stayed that way until Steve met Brian, a pro-ball player who was married but wanted steve as his boy on the side. Austin kept the break-up email folded in the bottom of a box of pictures and mementos of their relationship that he couldnt ‘t bear to throw away. ‘Coward’ couldnt ‘t even look me in the eye’ Austin tossed his empty cup into the trash in disgust.

His history with love and guys in general was dark but he still clung to a small nugget of hope that the one would appear soon. He tried to give new guys a chance but he realized that although a lot of them claimed to want a solid, stable, good relationship most were what he called “greener-grass” guys. Saying the right things yet still in search of the next Best cock. He decided right then and there to add Deke to that list and get back to work.

Putting the hot smarmy landscapper on the list however didn’t mean he couldnt ‘t take advantage of his talent. Deke did leave the estimate and a bunch of really impressive sketches in his mailbox the day after their meeting like he had promised. He had also left a really intricate ink drawing of his house that Austin assumed was his means of apology. He waited two days before calling with a brief and very business like aceptance of the bid, agreeing to the price, plans and the start of the work the following Monday. The rest of the week he tried his Best to keep from thinking of the kiss and the passion he now believed was one sided. He almost succeeded.

That Monday Austin had a pitch meeting in Chicago so he wasn’t there but had left a key for Deke hidden under the back porch. Tuesday he was gone before Austin got home from work but he could see that the work was coming along at a much faster pace than he had thought it would. The entire lot was clear and the trenches for the garden wall and koi pond were almost fully dug out. Although he was dissappointed Deke turned out to be a heel he had to admit he was as good a worker as his mother had bragged, so he left the office early Wednesday planning to share that and he did have to give the man a check.

He stopped on his way home to pick up a six pack of imported beer, in bottles of course. He would offer Deke a drink, compliment the work and find a way to casually dismiss the man and any lingering thoughts he might have that he affected him in any other way than the said ‘impress’ over the work itself. As he paid for the over-priced libations he congratulated himself on his cosmopolitan attiude. When he pulled up to his house he heard music playing out back, as well as the sounds of tools scraping stone. He parked, grabbed the beer and headed around the house. What he saw there made him abandon his ‘enlightened guy’ plan all together.

Deke kneeled shirtless working on the stone wall while singing along to an incredibly bubbly disney pop princess song. Singing along with a carefree abandon was the most adorable toddler he ever saw. The dark haired boy had the face of an angel even if it was streaked with dirt. He wore a minature version of a ‘tool belt’ ripped jeans and was also shirtless, singing and mimicking every move Deke made. Austins heart took a leap right up into his throat as he watched the tender way Deke pretended the boy was helping him create the stone wall. He was rivited watching them sing, work and chatter to eachother about things only the two of them could understand. Austin wished he was there on his knees working along side them, looking as happy as they seemed to be. After what felt like an hour but was probably more like ten minutes of voyerism Austin stepped out of the shadows walking to them calling out greetings as he did.

“Well this just looks amazing,” he heard the exxageration of his tone and almost grimaced. “You big strong landscapers have gotten so much done, you must be ready for a cold drink break.”

“Ummm, hi Austin…..” Deke wore a serious blush across his face and upper chest.

“Deke, you I know,” he said kneeling down in front of the boy heedless of his hundred dollar linen slacks. “But this guy… obviously the boss and brains of this operation I don’t know!” He extended his hand earning identical grins from Deke and the boy who grabbed his hand shaking it with five year old enthuiasm. “I’m Deke” he cried out in a musical voice that caused Austins heart to skip a beat. He fell head over heels n love with that happy greeting and the grin that accompanied it.

“Wow, its a pleasure to meet you Mr Deke….”

“Not Mr. Deke, silly” the child interrupted still shaking his hand and now laughing.

“Right….. right…. Well Deke it looks like you’ve done a lot of hard work out here.” He glanced at Big Deke winking. “I happen to have a big jar of cookies in my kitchen for guys who work as hard as you have….’

The boy pulled his hand free and turned to Deke, “Can I have a cookie daddy??? The man said I get en cause I workin hard.’ The lobster glow still covered his face as he leaned down to pick up his son. Balancing ‘little’ Deke on one hip he reached over to pause the ipod and turned back to Austin, finally composed and ready to oficially introduce his.. son.

“Austin, this is my son Deke, I hope you don’t mind that he came to work with me today. His pre-k had a half day.”

“Mind,” Austin waved his arm around. “With all the hard work he’s done…..” he grinned and winked at little Deke. “I might just have to hire him on permanantly. Now Daddy does he get his cookies and milk…..I might just have a drink and snack for you too.”

Deke eyed the bag, but Austin cut him to the quick. “Those are for days when you don’t have the boss here.,,. You get cookies and milk too!” For a second time matching grins lit father and sons faces as Deke followed him through the backdoor.

“Would you mind if we wash up?”

“Daddy says ya hafffta wash the dirtz n gems off before you can eat….” little Deke was adorable.

“Germs,” Deke laughingly and lovingly corrected his son who quickly repeated it correctly.

“You know where the bathroom is,” Austin began to wash his own hands in the kitchen sink subconsiously wanting to set the example for Dekes son. Then he took the cookie jar to the table, set out three paper plates, napkins and glasses and grabbed the milk from the fridge and placing the beers on the bottom shelf.

“So Deke,” Austin gestured for them to join him at the table when they came back from the washroom. “How many cookies do you get for working a half day?” He couldnt ‘t keep the laughter out of his voice or the happy from touching him somewhere deep inside.

“How many Daddy?”

“I think that’s up to Austin, champ. This is his house and he is generously sharing his cookies with us.” Deke smiled at Austin as he answered his son.

“How many can I have Aussin?” The way little Deke said his name skipping the ‘t’ would have stolen his heart if he hadn’t already given it to the boy before as he watched from the shadows.

“For all that hard work…… oh its gotta be six,” he pulled the head off the winnie the pooh cookie jar. “That ok, daddy?” He asked catching Dekes eye, who nodded and the three of them counted out six each, Deke poured milk and they all dipped their first cookie simultaneously.

Little Deke took to Austin and gave him a moment by moment rundown of the day, charming him even more. He obviously ‘hero worshipped’ his father who very obviously felt the same way about his boy. Little Deke told him all abou school, all about his room and all about his ‘gammy n pops’ but he didn’t say anything about a mother. Although engrossed in the boys chattering he also couldnt keep from noticing the lamdscappers dual focus, the man kept grinning both at his son and at Austin as they carried on a very cute conversation. A few minutes after they finished the cookies Deke interrupted the chat to announce they still had some work to finish up before they could head home for the day.

“Can we get happy meals today daddy, pleeeeeeease????”

“Hey champ,” Deke said rinsing the glasses. “We only have happy meals on special occasions.” To Austin he added, “Im a healthy eating kinda dad.”

“How much more do you have to do?”

Deke explained that the had to finish up the wall because the pipefitters were coming in the next day to start installing the sprinkler system and until that was done none of the other work could get done.

“Well I have an idea…..” Austin winked at little Deke. “I just got the smurf movie on dvd, maybe Deke here could give it a watch and tell meif its any good?”

“I could….” he interrupted excitedly.

“And while Deke helps me out with that Daddy can finish the wall, and can fire up the BBQ for cheeseburgers and hot-cats.”

“Hot dogs silly!!”

Deke and Austin made eye contact silently reading eachother, Austin trying to show the offer was genuine. “Ummm,” Deke stammered “Thats really nice of you.”

“I’ve got salad fixins that really need to be used too, so is it a deal daddy?”

“Please daddy?” little deke added turning puppy dog eyes on his father.

“Youll watch the movie quietly and not complain later at bathtime?” Deke’s voice firm as his son nodded agreeing immediatly.

“Thank you,” Deke said finding Austins eyes and gracing him with shy grin which he returned.

Austin took little Deke by the hand bringing him into the livingroom and settling him down for the movie. He marveled at how polite and well behaved the boy was when little Deke sat right down quietly and thanked him for letting him watch his new movie. After the the movie was going he headed back to the kitchen to make the salad and prep the burgers and dogs. All the while he thought over the surprise he came home to as well as the fact that he may just have been wrong about Deke. He couldnt ‘t help but wonder the story behind the happy little boy, Deke was obviously a great father but where was the boys mother, and it was clear Deke was biologically the dad so what was that kiss last week about. Austin knew he wasnt making up the tension and attraction between them, even at the table before he could feel it whenever he locked eyes with Deke. When all the dinner prep was done he headed out back to fire up the grill and maybe get a few answers from Deke.

Deke had gotten another foot of the wall finished and Austin again mentally noted how good he was. He also couldnt help but notice yet again how good the landscaper looked shirtless, in torn jeans as his very developed body rippled ashe worked. Austin felt his heart skip a beat so he turned away from the handsome man and to the lightning of the BBQ.

“Hey I wanted to thank u for being so cool with my son,” Deke said coming up behind him.

“No need to….” Austin started to reply.

“Yeah there is, after the other day I’ve been hoping to explain and apologize.”

“Wasnt that beautiful sketch your apology? ” Austin walked to the wall admiring the craftmanship. “God Deke my mother was right, your an artist.”

“Are you talking about the wall or the sketch?”

“Both,” Austin turned to face the landscaper. “I cant believe you got this much done, and. its obviously quality work. As for the sketch I was touched.”.

“Does that mean you accept my apology?” A vunerability sounded under the words and shown through his eyes. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since that day.”

Zing, Zang, and Zoom those soft vunerable words aimed and hit Austin directly in the heart and pants. He believed the sincerity and was a little more than shocked that Deke had been thinking as much about him as he’d spent brooding over the landscaper. His mind was full of conflicting thoughts and questions. Yes he had assumed Deke was gay yet with thta kiss how could he not, now meeting little Deke made him question that too.

“Neither have I Deke,” Austin admitted. “When I got your sketch I wanted so badly for it to be an apology but I was too proud to…..” He let the words hang between them for a moment. “I was confused and a little hurt when u rushed out of here so quickly.” He didn’t add he also added Deke to his internal bad-guy list.

Deke watched the wash of emotions cascade their way across Austins sculped face. He had been attracted from the first but that was physical, now after seeing him with his son and seeing the raw emotions he was trying to hold back Deke realized the emotional attraction was just as strong. It had been a very long time since Deke had felt this way for someone and far longer that he’d considered acting on it. Now here in Austins backyard under the setting sun he wanted desperatly to do just that, to believe this guy was worth opening his heart and his very complicated life.

“I am sorry I ran out like that, I didnt want to leave, but Deke was sick and to tell a guy you tried all day to keep your hands off of that not only do you have to stop but you have to go get your sick son is an instant attraction killer.”

“I would have understood,” Austin placed a hand on Dekes shoulder. “Of course you had to go get him im not that shallow. ”

“After this afternmoon I know that,” Deke said with obvious meaning reaching up and holding Austins hand. “It just all happened so fast I was going to expln rhe next day but…. but… you were avoiding me.”

“I wasnt….” Austin began to deny and realized he didnt want to start playing games, not now, not with this seemingly incredible guy. “Ok yeah I was, I just couldnt…. the kiss was… for me it wasnt just a kiss.”

“Me either, I felt something for you all day.”

Austins lips twitched and then broke into an ear to ear grin. “So maybe I can parlay tnjis apology into a….. date?”

“I think that could be arranged,” Deke said stepping forward reaching up, grasping the back of Austins neck pulling him into a kiss. Electricity crackled between them evoking moans and a deepening of the kiss. Austin couldnt resist running his hands over Dekes solid chest anmd eight pack. Deke wanted to rip the shirt right off Austins back but remembered hisson and gently pulled back. “My god I want you, but my son….”

“I know,” Austin said grinning as he stepped back. “I want you too but I can wait, I have 2 handsome men to cook for.” He turned to go back to the kitchen for the meat.

“Wait, about that date?” Deke called to him. “Dekes grandparents take him friday after school and keep him overnight.

Smiling to himself Austin called over his shoulder “Ill be ready at 7…..”

Dinner like the earlier snack was fun, chatty and surprisingly comfortable. Both Dekes enjoyed a burger and hot dog and little Deke barely grumbled before eating his salad. He chattered so freely it was impossible notto smile amd impossible to love his happy view of life. Austin and Deke couldnt stop themselves from the smoldering eye contact both of them remembering the backyard kiss and secretly wishing it was friday. Wh they finished eating Deke helped clean up while his son watched something on the cartoon channel. Then it was done and Deke pulled him in for a quick passionate kiss, “thank-you for… everything.”

Deke went outside to gather his things so Austin went into get little Deke ready, bringing three cookies with him. When Deke had he came into the livingroom his heart filled to almost bursting sseeimng little Deke sleeping curled up against a sleeping Austin. For the first time in a very long time he had hope again, friday couldnt come fast enough.

Austin/DEEE… Part one

The music surged as the passion laced kiss faded and the credits began to roll. Austin sighed reaching for the remote absently and thinking for the thousandth Time that he’d watched his last romantic comedy. The so-called ‘feel good’ movies only made his loneliness feel overwhelmingly deep. He’d said that so many times before but temptation always ended up overruling the resolve especially

when the lead actor was devastatingly cute. Intellectually Austin knew that these movies fostered unattainable desires yet the romantic in him longed for one of those dreamy guys, longed to be one of them too. Lately he was becoming more and more jaded about dating, romance and finding a happily ever after for himself.

Austin drained the last of a very tasty zinfandel into his glass and took it to the back porch. His yard was little more than a plot of dirt right now but he had a vision and even better he had an appointment with a landscaper his mother had been raving about for months. The last few days Austin spent clearing out all the junk that accumulated over the two years the house stood empty had helped shape the ideas he had for the space. He could do all the work

himself and even considered it but he knew his mother was right about needing an expert to at least provide a starting point. Sipping the wine Austin tried to shake the lonely feeling the movie evoked by visualizing the oasis he was hoping to create. Briefly he wondered if the landscaper would see his space with the potential he saw in it. His mother called the man a genius and assured Austin he was a hard worker, going so far as to jokingly dub the man ‘gardner-holic’, but cautioned he was also temperamental. The work done in his mother’s yard was worthy of one of those makeover shows so the man had the goods to backup a temperamental streak.

Deke parked at the curb early the next morning and surveyed the yard in front of a pale yellow a-frame house. Grass struggled to grow in sad little patches sprinkled with dandelions and other weeds. Long term neglect was evident as was someone’s attempt to clean up the mess. It was a great corner lot with tons of potential that already had dekes internal design wheels spinning. He reached over the back of his seat for his sketch pad, digital camera and the battered leather satchel he carried some tools in his gaze drifting back toward the house. ‘Holy mother of god…’ he muttered to himself as he caught sight of the man stepping out onto the porch. Long and lean, dark and well… hot were the words surfing his brain. He stood in a pair of cutoff sweats that shiwed off perfectly his toned physique and muscled calves. Dark brown hair, full red lips and what seemed like golden eyes in the bright mornimg sun, the image he presented was worthy of a GQ cover. Then the man smiled and Deke was lost! There were very few guys that had smiles that started with plump delicious looking lips and spread across a movie star face drifting through the eyes lighting them up and accuentating every stunning feature. Yes, he was lost!!

‘Oh mother….’ Austin said under his breath. She had crafifty spoke about the landscaper in ways that made him think the ‘tempermental’ man was much more advanced in age. Born a matchmaker his mother boasted bringing more than thirty couples together, and now Austin figured she was working on thirty one. He chuckled, if she had tild him the man looked like a greek god he would have smelled the ‘set-up’ so point to her on that score. Now he wondered if her ‘gay-dar’ was as refined as she claimed. Her taste however, judging by the tall powerfully built guy walking up his path, was impeccable. Austin shook his head to clear the fog he was in stepping forward to greet the man.

“Hey, right on time.” His voice actually hitched as he spoke. “Austin,” he extended his hand.

“Deke,” grasping Austins hand in a firm shake. “This is a really great lot you have….”

“A very negleted lot,” Austin felt a rush of heat as they shook and the landscapper grinned.

“Well that’s what I’m paid good money to remedy.”

“Well,” Austin drawled in a slightly suggestive tone. “From what I see your wirth every penny.” He paused as the look of shock highlighted Deke’s face. “The work you did for my mother should be in a magazine!”

“Ummm….. thank you.” Deke’s face was fushed and his voice soft. “sh-ssh-should we take a look around or… did you want to get a shirt first?”

“Nah….. I have a lot of ideas of my own, I hope that won’t be a problem.” Yes,, he was baiting, flirting even.

“I like a man with ideas of what he wants.” Deke’s already red face went to cherry-red.

“Oh…. I know exacty what I want.”

For the better part of the next hour they discussed, Deke sketched and kept just short of out and out flirting. Most of their ideas were in sync and Deke found himself swept up in excitement for the project. He also found his pulse dancing rapidly through his veins,a rapid thumping that sped up everytime Austin smiled at him. They were so engrossed in the plans neither noticed the dark clouds that rolled in. Suddenly the dark sky opened up and a torretial rain lashed at them, the house and yard around. By the time they grabbed the supplies and dashed under the covering of the back porch both were soaked and laughing hysterically.

“Where the hell did this tsunami come from?” Deke grasped the rail still maniacally laughing.

“Beats me,” Austin grabbed Deke’s very solid arm. “I almoat pissed myself when you slipped.”

“Your lucky I’m not hurt, my brothers a lawyer.”

“Oh, well then I better take you in and….” Austin dropped his voice to an almost growl. “get out of those wet….” He ran his hand up the arm, over the shoulder and let it rest on a very well developed pec. “clothes…” A slight squeeze. “You know,” slowly massaging, “before you catch cold and have a real lawsuit.” He winked and turned to the backdoor. “ILL even make ya some coffee.”

Austin went right to the coffee maker and tossed in some beans and water. He heard Deke come in and smiled to himself, grabbed two mugs out of the cabinet before turning to the landscaper. He two mugs crashed to the floor as he took in the sight before him, Deke in only slightly wet boxer briefs. He tossed wet jeans and tee at Austin.

“You do have a dryer, right?” Deke asked advancing. He grabbed Austin by the wrist and with a pull had Austin in his arms before he could take a breath. “Now what exactly are you gonna do to warm me up?”

Before he could answer Deke grabbed the back of his neck and savagely yanked him in for an earth-shattering kiss. “I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you on the porch when I pulled up.” He growled through the kiss.

Austin went from desire to surprise to ridgid to melting into Deke as the landscapers hands roamed his back and his mouth savagely tok, tasted and teased. He moaned into the kiss grasping Dekes arms as if holding on for life. Slowly they both backed up until he felt his plump ass pressing into the counter. Mouth slid from kips to neck and Austin saw stars but they quickly retreated back to their galaxies when the phone pressing into his groin began to ring and vibrate. Deke pulled back looking dumbfounded for seconds.

“I’m sorry I have to…” Deke murmured reading the id on screen.

“Hey….” the confusion on his face dissiapated as he listened. “ok… did you try his drops…. uh huh,”. He shook his head and mouthed ‘im sorry’. “Yeah I know its been on and off all week….. ok, I’ll be there in 20 mins…” Deke pressed the call closed and replaced the phone in his pocket.

“Austin, I’m so sorry…. Something that really needs my attention uh…”

Austin could see he didn’t want to say the words and wondered what or rather who it was stealing him away. He took a step forward running his hand up and down the arm that only moments before was around him. “Life has a way….” he said waiting for the rest of his explanation.

“I gotta go… I’m sorry, I Will drop off my estimate tomorrow.” Deke was already pulling on his pants. “Just look it over and give me a call if you like it and my sketches.”

Then he was gone and Austin sank back against the counter, head spinning. Then his eye landed on the broken mugs on the floor and he sighed, ‘better get them swept up’ he whispered to himself willing the dissappointment nipping at his heart to go away.

The Journey Begins

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When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability… To be alive is to be vulnerable. — Madeleine L’Engle